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Summer Vacay has started for your kiddos...and the temperature is heating up! Try these FOUR ingredient popsicles.

Welcome B.A.B.Y.! It is FINALLY summer vacay for our kiddos. We have survived another school year, homework assignments, report card pick ups, and battle zones for "school time" bedtimes. Pat yourself on the back parents we did it!!! Now we have them 24/7 for the summer....hahaha! If your kids are in a summer program, GREAT! But for the ones who are not we need to still find "fun" things to do with our kids to keep them learning, healthy, and COOL for the summer.

Did you know?

Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills.

Cooking with our children has TONS of benefits. As you cook, you are labeling ingredients which increases a child's vocabulary and reading skills, increases math skills with measuring, improve fine motor and life skills. Cooking builds confidence in your child and can increase the likelihood of them trying new things because they are so proud of their crEATion. But most importantly it encourages family bonding time during the summer vacation.

Crazy right? Yes, so let's get crEATing new popsicle recipes that are very good, healthy, low calorie and the kids will have so much fun making them with you. This is a perfect way to bond, use up fresh fruits so they don't go to waste and give them an extra serving of fruits.

Download these EASY Popsicles Recipes to get started!

Download PDF • 981KB


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