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My Promise to You

"We often forget to pour back into ourselves, your body is YOUR BABY.

So, we must take care of it, nurture it, love it, teach and build it. I know it will not be easy, but it brings comfort knowing you are not in anything alone. I’ll be here to hold your hand as we take B.A.B.Y. Steps to build a NEW Lifestyle.  I’ve created this safe place for you, where you do not have to be perfect to FIT IN! "

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My Story

Build A Better you was created in 2014 after obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University. After graduating (Go BUCKS!) I decided I wanted to learn MORE and in 2016 I obtained my Master's Degree in Business Administration.

During college, fitness and learning about nutrition became my outlet and even though I never played any sports, I was able to teach myself the basics of fitness. What started as an outlet a way to build confidence grew into my passion and inspired me to continue my education with the NASM CPT and Fitness Nutrition Specialist programs. 


While my college journey was not the “traditional” path, I got through it with my amazing son, who has traveled alongside me through this journey. I am thankful because he led me to the Access Collaborative Program, overseen by the amazing Traci Lewis, that mentored and advocated for mothers in college with the same mission…SUCCESS!

I have always had a vision of BUILDING a similar community where we could grow in all areas of life together. Wellness and growth is more than just eating "healthy" foods and workouts, it requires growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I took a few steps back and self-reflected on my own life and what I allowed in. I quickly realized I had to work on myself first (still a work in progress) before helping others BUILD A BETTER them. I invested so much in myself and I’m ready to pour what I’ve learned on my journey into you to help with your journey!


Citrus Fruits


It can be challenging for you to keep track of  progress or to know which stats are the most important to track. As you coach I can organize your progress data and keeps track of change over time, hold you accountable and take the guess work out of "What to eat". As your nutritional coach I will help the you stay focused on the big picture, create short terms goals so its not so overwhelming and remind you of their past/current successes. 

My Specialties

Digestive Wellness

General Nutrition for Women, Men, & Youth

Healthy Cooking, Recipes & Meal Planning

Detoxing & Elimination 

Interactive Nutrition Workshops, Demos, & Presentations

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