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Doing "IT" Scared: Tips to Overcome Self-Doubt

No matter how confident we may feel, there are moments when we start to doubt our abilities. They can be fleeting moments, but they happen all the same, and they can both damage our mental health and our self-esteem.

Sometimes, we just need to take a moment to address these feelings of self-doubt and try to deal with them before they make us feel bad.

Let’s take a look at a few simple ways you can kick self-doubt out of your mind and get on being your usual positive and productive self!

5 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

1. Remind yourself of your goals. Next time you feel a little bit low and lack confidence, take a look at one of your projects or a goal that you have set.

  • Consider the short-term impact of your goal, the mid-term impact, and then the final result.

  • By breaking down your goals, you can take a moment to look at what you have achieved and what you are continuing to achieve.

  • If you see real, tangible progress, you will be less likely to doubt yourself and more likely to push toward the next opportunity.

2. Make a list of your achievements. Lists are healthy because they allow our brains to organize and condense our thoughts, rather than getting muddled and spiraling around in our heads.

  • Sit down and grab a warm beverage if you’d like. Write down everything you are proud of. Be specific, or be generic, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Your achievements can be significant ones or small wins that allow you to take control and smile.

  • Even if one of them is getting out of bed, it’s an achievement, all the same, so make sure you write it down.

  • This can remind you of your self-worth and just what you are capable of!

3. Do something you love. If you are having moments of self-doubt, take yourself shopping, or to the theater, or an art gallery, and revisit a passion of yours.

  • By allowing yourself to explore your interests, you can remove self-doubt. You’ll appreciate that you are knowledgeable about something.

  • By recognizing that you have interests, you’ll generate some enthusiasm, revitalize some passion, and realize that you are an interesting and valuable person to be around.

4. Ask yourself why you are feeling self-doubt. Give yourself a good talking to. Sit down and consider what it is that you’re feeling doubt about.

  • Which part of your personality or which part of your life is causing you to feel this self-doubt?

  • By writing it down, you can then offer yourself solutions. Suddenly, problems can become fixable goals to work toward.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people. If you’re feeling a lot of self-doubt, surround yourself with friends and family to remind you how much you are loved, and how people value you.

  • Remember, your friends and family take time out of their schedule when they visit you, so remind yourself that they must appreciate you and recognize your worth.

  • Just recognizing the friends and family you have will make you appreciate your support network and, hopefully, make you feel wanted.

Self-doubt is very common. But it doesn’t have to overcome you. All you have to do is remind yourself that you deserve happiness, success, and inner peace! For More about my journey check out my YouTube: Doing IT SCARED where I talk more about my journey and how I overcame the fear of SELF! Link below...

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